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Julie Woodrow


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I am inspired by the richly textured and the seductively smooth; predictable encoded patterns and unexpected responses to natural forces; the humorously sexual and the inevitable softening downturn toward decay of the most vital and beautiful living things.

I work with a stoneware clay body throwing components on the potter’s wheel and carving to embellish forms. I am drawn to the craft tradition of making functional objects and am happy to imagine folks incorporating my vessels into daily routines.

My work is underglazed, stained and glazed and is typically fired four or five times with the highest firing to cone 5/6 in an electric kiln. This process of multiple firings keeps me critically aware of how surface texture and color influences the visual and psychological impact of my work.

I am passionate about teaching. I know that my commitment to my students feeds my interest and enthusiasm about my own work.

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