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Katie Susko


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Function and decoration are both equally important elements in my work. Function interests me in the form of intimacy. When someone holds, views, and uses my work repeatedly a sense of familiarity is created. It also recalls memories of loved ones, and special times or occasions. Decoration is another important and enjoyable component in my work as well. Decorating as a process makes the final product that draws the user to the piece. This is added to the form that I keep simple in order to enhance the applied decoration. The aesthetics of the form in combination with the decoration make the visual and tactile experience that I am creating for the user.

My love for pattern and the patterns I choose come from home life and the everyday. This is a response to the environment of the intended usage. The patterns I am drawn to come from textiles and fabrics like rugs, furniture, curtains, wallpaper, bed sheets and pillowcases, pajamas, and quilts. The goal of my work is that using it over time will create intimacy and even affection. Function, form, and decoration combine in my work to make well crafted and beautiful pieces of art.

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