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Nikki Nation


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Nikki has always had a strong interest in jewelry and body adornment from a young age. As a child she would create jewelry using a variety of materials and found objects. She found inspiration while exploring her grandmother’s jewelry collection – from the different styles, materials, patterns, and shapes of every unique piece.

While studying Interior Design in college, she took a metalsmithing class and fell in love. She switched her area of focus and in 2006 received her BFA in Jewelry & Metalsmithing.

I was originally drawn to metalsmithing because of its ancient roots. The tools and processes have been used for centuries, and my inspiration comes from these methods. I love how metal can be transformed and shaped. If you change your mind or make a mistake, nothing is permanent and your ideas can be re-created and the metal can be recycled. I also enjoy working with metal because it is a material that is timeless, and pieces can be passed down for generations.

My inspiration comes from a variety of places. From the materials I use and their properties, to design elements, processes, patterns, systems, connections, and repetition.

In addition to being a studio jeweler, Nikki has taught at numerous non-profit art organizations, and has also worked under a variety of jewelers and metalsmiths. She currently lives and works in sunny Denver, Colorado.


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