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Floyd Gompf Collection

Lillstreet Gallery is pleased to represent the work of Michigan artist Floyd Gompf. A collection of 12 new pieces are available for sale. See images below and contact the sales gallery manager for more information or to purchase:

With a BFA in Design and an MFA in Sculpture, Gompf has the pedigree of a ceramicist: for years he focused on producing black and white abstract sculptures and endured a decade-long run of American Craft Enterprise shows. Yet, unsatisfied with the direction of his production line, Gompf left clay behind in 1985 and went searching for art in dumpsters. Drawing from his experience as a sculptor and taking on the new process woodworking, Gompf has since spent the last twenty-seven years gathering, collecting and transforming found object in a self-taught fashion, combining tossed-out wood pieces to create rustically colorful tables, cabinets, cupboards and figurines.

To learn more, read “Floyd Gompf: Tableaux of Decay and Renewal” with essay by Paul Smirl and photographs by Joe Tighe and David Velasco.


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