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Featured Jewelry Artist: Aurélie Guillaume

CLICK HERE - 10 Questions for Aurélie Guillaume

10 Questions for Aurélie Guillaume

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What was the impetus for becoming a jewelry artist?
It kind of just happened. It’s not something I wanted to do but I fell into it because I went to school for illustration but I didn’t like working on the computer. I then enrolled in a jewelry program because I saw a documentary on jewelry making and I thought, why not try it? I fell in love with it right away.

What inspires your forms and surface finishes?
In terms of the forms and the imagery it’s a mix of pop culture and experiences and things I observe around me. It’s usually things that make me laugh or things I wonder about. In terms of the surface treatment I am just playing with materials and always trying to push the limits of the materials and what I can do with them.

Who are your favorite artists?
Right now I have a crush on Takashi Murakami. There is also a musician that I think is really interesting, his name is Jacques, he is French DJ and I like his philosophy about music. In terms of jewelry artists I really admire the work of Karl Fritsch and Manfred Bischoff.

How did your current aesthetic style come to be?
I draw a lot, I always have a sketchbook with me. Whenever I have an idea I try to draw it, so my style is what it is today because I am drawing all the time. Also looking at other artists and how they work with their colors, compositions, and lines and trying to take inspiration from their work. The style just comes naturally. 

What is your favorite form to make?
I like to draw people, weird people.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
To work hard, to not be afraid, and to accept failure. I think learning through mistakes is the best kind of learning. 

Do you have other creative outlets/practices?
I draw, I make jewelry, and I recently picked up ceramics but, this is really all I do. 

If you weren’t an artist, what would your dream job be?
A food critic or a travel blogger.

Any favorite meal/food?
Food from the Caribbean. Anything seafood.

What has been your most memorable trip/vacation/residency?
Going to Peru, it was really beautiful.

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