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Featured Jewelry Artist: Ella Calas

CLICK HERE - 10 Questions for Ella Calas

10 Questions for Ella Calas

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What was the impetus for becoming a jewelry artist?
I was lucky enough to take a metals and jewelry class in high school. I was completely fascinated by the different processes from there.

What inspires your forms and surface finishes?
A combination of architecture and organic form have always inspired my work. Recently, I have been experimenting with granulation as well to play with texture and patterns on my pieces. To me the granulation adds kind of an organic quality to the surfaces.

Who are your favorite artists?
There are so many artists and designers I admire, but to name a few I would say Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe, Cappy Counard, and René Lalique.

How did your current aesthetic style come to be?
I have been playing with more minimal geometric forms and having a lot of fun embellishing the surfaces. I enjoy making simplistic pieces with playful and subtle details. Adding the tiny details gives the pieces a delicate quality against the dark oxidized forms.

What is your favorite form to make?
Elongated rectangular and oval forms are definitely a couple of my favorites.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
One of the things I love most about the creative community is how supportive artists are of one another. I think being generous with your time and information is a really important part of that as well. Try as many mediums and techniques as you can, have fun and experiment!

Do you have other creative outlets/practices?
I love to draw and sketch when I have time to. Spending time with friends and spending time outside

If you weren’t an artist, what would your dream job be?
Maybe a chef.

Any favorite meal/food?
Spaghetti and spinach pie.

What has been your most memorable trip/vacation/residency?
Last spring I took a trip to New Orleans with some friends of mine and really enjoyed it. We went for a metalsmithing conference and I would love to make it back there again.

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