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Honoring my friend, Chase Grover

Honoring my friend, Chase Grover
June 10, 2016 lillgallery
In Artists, Lillstreet, Shows

The upcoming exhibition, Small Scale, was the last show I curated and programmed for the 2016 exhibition season. I had a vision for showing significant ceramic sculptures at a more intimate scale/size to fit in our gallery. Featuring works from Chris Gustin, Kensuke Yamada, Kyle Johns, and Zemer PeledSmall Scale is a show with a very high caliber of work.

process 1 with text_3How is this honoring my friend (you’re likely asking at this point)? Over the summer/fall, my good friend Chase Grover and I talked a lot about exhibitions and opportunities at Lillstreet. I told him about this exhibition and he LOVED it. He admired all of these ceramic artists and was so excited for me that I was able to have all of them in one show. Chase passed away this January, two weeks after he visited me. I was devastated and am still in disbelief. We had a lot of plans for the upcoming NCECA conference – how Lillstreet was going to feature his work and how we had intended on doing multiple shows together, with him either participating or curating.

process 2 with text_3After meeting Chase’s family, friends, and teachers at NCECA, I started getting some ideas. Small Scale is about the viewers’ and artists’ sense of scale (is something “big” or “small”). The artists participating in this exhibition typically work on the larger side and this exhibition aims to show how their smaller works still command the same attention and experience. Even though Chase never worked on “larger scale” work, his work is tremendous. Tremendous in the sense that there is a long history and journey with his work.  Tremendous in terms of scale – his work is so small yet has so many impossibilities and risks involved. Tremendous in the fact that his truly new and innovative small-sized works are a massive accomplishment in the medium of ceramics.

It is my pleasure to say that his work will be included among the artists he admired so much. I was never able to show Chase’s work in our gallery (luckily I was able to bring a few pieces to NCECA to show everyone), and this is truly important to this gallery’s mission and to me.

Please visit Chase’s website, ArtArxis page, and this memorial blog post to learn more about this incredible artist that has moved on to his next journey.

I miss you buddy.

-Brian, Gallery Director




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