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October and November, 2017: The New Departments

October & November, 2017

The New Departments
Morgan Hamilton

The Presidential Commission of Governmental Identity has created many new cabinet departments in order to micromanage more effectively. The New Departments, The Department of Trust, The Department of Exclusion, The Department of Masculine Security, and The Thread Department, deal directly with the efficacy of a totalitarian democracy under President Trump. The Identity Commission has prioritized creating appropriate symbolism for each department that will enforce a visual authority of the Trump Administration.

“These new departments are going to be tremendously helpful in helping, you know not only me but all of you, helping me use my power for good. I’ve got people all over this, it’s going to be a good thing-and another thing, it’s going to work for YOU. What a tremendous crowd, you people.” — President Trump on the creation of The New Departments.

These flags were created with law and order in mind, they should fly high above the heads of Chicagoans, and they should remind us all of what can be accomplished in a Trump-centric America. Pride and patriotism have been stitched into every detail of The New Departments flag exhibition. Much like President Trump himself, many will enjoy these flags, many will despise these flags, but the vast majority will ignore these flags and allow them to penetrate American Identity.

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