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Over the past twenty-five years Michael Wisner has studied extensively under Juan Quezada and many matriarchs of the southwest pottery traditions. Initially, he was drawn to ancient ceramics by the harmonious fit between vessel form and decorative pattern. Following that fascination he experimented for years with painting. Today his work continues investigating form and pattern using texture as the design element. He is fascinated with simple gestural shapes and how pattern evolves as it moves over the pottery surface. He enjoys the collaboration with outdoor Raku and bon-firing as they inject spontaneous elements into the work.

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About Lillstreet

Founded in 1975, Lillstreet Art Center is a large community of artists and students working side-by-side in a friendly environment which encourages and inspires artistic growth in the individual. Lillstreet supports the arts through an artist residency program, gallery, studio space, education, and an outreach program.

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