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Lisa Slodki


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“The logic and practice of geometry inspires my designs as well as my personal introspection. From the structure of the Milky Way to a snail’s spiral shell, certain patterns can be found throughout living systems. For me, these forms represent patterns of growth.” – Lisa Slodki

Chicago-based jewelry designer Lisa Slodki began making jewelry as a childhood hobby using scraps of wire and pliers found on her father’s workbench. Meticulous attention to detail was evident even in her earliest experiments as well as an affinity for geometric forms. Continuing to hone her craft over the years, she received her BFA in Metals/Jewelry Design in 1996. Wirework continues to be at the heart of her designs. Slodki spends most of her days in her studio which overflows with seemingly every kind of wire and plier known to humankind, including the tools she never managed to return to her father’s workbench.


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