Melanie Brown - Sound and Memory: Painting the Intangible

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Second Floor Annex Gallery Show: August 24 - End of September

Live Layered Sounds Project Performance with Ryan Ingebritsen: September 28 from 6-9 pm, performances at 7 and 8.

The Lillstreet Art Center Second Floor Annex Gallery proudly presents Melanie Brown's show Sound and Memory: Painting the Intangible.

Sound and Memory uses the spontaneity of material and gesture to capture fleeting moments. The landscapes are the result of using material to physically remember time spent among the mountains, hummingbirds, and quickly changing skies of Colorado. The soundscapes are records of sonic moments in time layered upon each other. Both series are related in their use of the physical act of painting and mark making to enter into an experience. The paintings are the relics of those moments.

The sound inspired paintings are from a collaboration between Melanie and composer Ryan Ingebritsen as part of their Layered Sounds Project. Two contact mics are placed on the back of Melanie’s canvases amplifying the sounds that drive her gestural painting practice. As much motivated by the sonic and tactile experience of the gesture as the visual result itself, this is an attempt to capture a series of performative moments as one static image, compressing an experience over time to be observed as one construct. Ryan and Melanie have performed this live painting and sound collaboration several times in 2018 and will perform at Lillstreet as part of an artist talk on September 28 from 6-9 in the 3D room on the third floor. Performances will take place at 7 and 8 pm.

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