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4401 N Ravenswood
Chicago, IL 60640

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Monday to Thursday:
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  • Jul292016

    The Evolution of Kraft: Joe Kraft | Rudimentary Drawings and his time at Lillstreet

    Kraft’s identifiable shapes and lines present themselves in a new context…

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    Lillstreet Gallery
  • Jul112016

    #mugshotmonday: Ceramics and Instagram

    This #mugshotmonday Call for Entry is new for us and we are looking for new (and old) clay voices…

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    Lillstreet Gallery
  • Jun102016

    Honoring my friend, Chase Grover

    I had a vision for showing significant ceramic sculptures at a more intimate scale/size…

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    Lillstreet Gallery
  • May202016

    Looking Back, Looking Forward

    As the Lillstreet 40th Anniversary Exhibition comes to a close, the reflection on those 40 years does not…

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    Lillstreet Gallery
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