Carrie Day

Carrie Day was born under a rock in 1980.  At least that’s what her parents used to jokingly tell her.  The youngest of 3 sisters, Carrie grew up in blue collar, Fostoria, Ohio.  As a little girl, she played mostly unsupervised with the neighborhood kids exploring things like pick up sports, Barbies, the public library, and dirt.  This formative period in her life has proven to be a mainstay in the evolution of Carrie’s creative method and style as an artist today.  After attending Fostoria High School, where she developed her technical foundations in painting and ceramics, Carrie took her love for art to Bowling Green State University where she followed an unconventional path toward an eventual degree in fine arts in 2011.

Primarily an abstract artist, Carrie’s work reflects a wide range of experiences and emotions that include, among other things: raising children as a single mom, working as a waitress, being in love, dealing with family tensions, confronting paranoia, resisting depression, managing the pain of arthritis, and embracing humor.  Whether on canvas or in clay, Carrie’s colorful imagery stems from her memories of childhood and are rendered in a childlike manner.  “My work allows me to release deep-seated fears and thoughts; even when I know that these fears are not real,” says Day.  “For instance, bugs in my work represent listening devices or the watchful eyes of another.  Having suffered from a history mental illness, this is my humorous take on a serious subject that has haunted me.”  

Ms. Day has been active in the local arts community for many years and her paintings and ceramics are known and respected by a wide audience. Her works have been exhibited in juried, solo, and group shows locally and nationally.  Carrie currently resides in Bowling Green, Ohio where she proudly raises her two lovely daughters and works out of her home studio.

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