HP Bloomer

The primary intent of my work is to create thoughtful personal compositions and relatable everyday objects.

My forms are rooted in an aesthetic developed through a childhood spent in my father’s architectural firm and mother’s studio. The understated designs developed by mid-century architects and designers I saw as a child have stayed with me through the years. Elements of my work relates to designs of the Bauhaus School, the Eames, and the international style.

My surfaces are informed by a broad range of interests and experiences. I am influenced by patterning and colors found in fashion, graphic, interior and architectural design as well as mid 19th and 20th century painters and historical ceramics from around the world. Artists and designers such as Jean Widmer, Paul Klee, Anni Albers, Robert Rauschenberg, and Liubov Popova continue to affect my work. My glazing and patterning technique has become a starting point for determining the design of the form, allowing a conversation between form and surface. These surfaces include a tactile quality and utilize geometric patterns to create a rhythmic play between divisions built into the structure of the forms.Through repetitive application I have begun attaching personal meaning and associations to these patterns, allowing the development of narratives in each composition.

These forms, patterns, and glazes may at times seem busy. Their intent is to parallel the eventful and vibrant world in which we live by reflecting ways we often segment, structure and compartmentalize our lives while playfully providing handmade objects for everyday use.