Lauryn Axelrod

I make ceramics that bring that sense of connection to our every day lives, or that highlight special moments.  While they may be simple objects, they help us focus our attention on the beauty and meaning that is part of every moment.

Much of my work is specialized for Japanese or Chinese Tea Ceremony. Some are for personalized rituals. I also create Asian-flavored farm-to-tableware for both restaurant and home, sculptural work inspired by the environment, and public art installations.

My studio is based at Stone Bowl Farm in West Pawlet, Vermont, USA.

I began making ceramics because I wanted to create objects that brought us into deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.  While there is a long history of ceramics for sacred use, I strive to create contemporary objects that bring a sense of sacredness and ritual to our busy lives. I am deeply inspired by the Japanese aesthetic, the rhythm of the seasons, the places I live and work, and the forms, textures and colors of the natural world. I often use local clay bodies, woodfiring, and natural ash glazes. For custom tableware, I will sometimes gas fire.

I have had the good fortune to study with Nick Schwartz, Jack Troy, John Dix, Jeff Shapiro, Kevin Crowe, Susan Beecher, Shiro Otani, and John Jessiman.

I want my work to feel elemental, ancient…and timeless. I seek aliveness in a piece. Imperfections are expected and appreciated; they remind us that we, too, are fragile and imperfect and beautiful because of it. These are objects for both contemplation and use.