Matthew Krousey

I make pottery, sculpture and murals decorated with the landscapes, flora and fauna of Minnesota and see myself as a modern day regionalist working with clay. For millennia, imagery on pottery has been used by endless cultures to document the world that they were living in, I too am using this medium to document the world I know. The imagery is made from a combination of slips, stains, and glazes. I primarily use ash glazes, as its main ingredient comes from the very landscape I am drawing inspiration. The pots are created from stoneware and often altered in the wet stage, then fired in a soda kiln. This firing process not only creates a very durable object, it imbues the work with great variation and depth, creating a natural and mysterious surface of a warm and earthy palette. My hope is that the daily use of my pots will be a gently reminder to the public of the vanishing natural world around us.