Posey Bacopoulos

In my work, it is my intention to create pots that enter people's everyday lives in adirect and intimate way. My goal is to integrate form, function and surface in amanner that brings a sense of excitement to my work. I am continually exploringthe relationship between surface decoration and form, while in the surfacetreatment of my work I use line, pattern and color to create the vibrant surfaces.The floral motifs on my pots are patterns rather than actual representations thatserve to divide the space in interesting ways. I use gold decals as a contrast tomy painterly surfaces.The pots combine thrown, altered and hand-built sections. These sections aremade separately and then assembled. I enjoy altering the thrown forms andworking in this manner because it allows me to make pots of differing forms andshapes. Pots that are oval and square as well as round.The pots are majolica on terra cotta. Majolica is a glaze tradition that began in theMiddle East in the 9th century with a tin-opacified glaze. The majolica glaze isvery smooth and white, which makes a good surface for decorating. The variouscolors are applied usually with a brush to the glazed surface to create the activepatterns and decorations. The pots are then fired to cone 04 in an electric kiln.After the firing the glazed surface maintains both the line quality of the patternsand the colors of the decoration.Finally, I love to make pots and I love to decorate and I combine these two lovesin my work. My hope is that the pots invite use and that my pleasure in makingthem is shared by those who use them