Samantha Hostert

1. What inspires your forms and surface decorations?

The desire to create extremely comfortable, functional pieces of art inspires my forms. I want people to use and touch the works often. I am intrigued by the juxtaposition of order and chaos, and strive to capture that tension in my surface decoration. I taught high school for years and thought a lot about a day structured by bells versus the chaos that happens in between in the classroom. Now as a mom I think about a day structured by meals and naps versus the chaos of a one and four-year-old. And I have always been interested in how to lead a life within the structures of society without getting trapped by the monotony.

2. What is your favorite form to make?


3. What is your favorite form to use?

Everything. I know that’s a cop-out answer, but I love using handmade ceramics in every part of my day. 

4. Which artists or teachers have been your biggest influences?

Dave Trost was my first ceramics teacher ten years ago when I decided to drop everything else for clay. Since then I have had wonderful teachers and mentors, especially Joe Kraft, Chris Cheney, Brian Malnassy, and Patty Kochaver.  

When looking outside of Lillstreet, I am continually inspired by past and contemporary ceramic work. Three people who have been a constant inspiration from the beginning are Julia Galloway, Lorna Meaden, and Deborah Schwartzkopf.

5. What is your favorite piece of advice for aspiring potters?

Keep making work, and be patient. 

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