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Our Address

4401 N Ravenswood
Chicago, IL 60640

Call: (1) 773 769 4226


Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday:
10am to 7:30pm

Friday to Saturday:
10am to 6pm

10am to 5pm

Handmade Holidays Show

Main Gallery

Join us for our annual holiday exhibition from Nov. 18 – Dec. 31.

The opening & reception will be held Friday December 2, 6 – 9pm.

This year’s annual holiday exhibition features work from over two dozen artists. This exhibition will include both ceramic pottery and sculpture, as well as live music by the following artists during the opening reception:

Jessica Robbins (6:45-7:30pm)
Jessica Risker (7:30-8.15pm)
Anna Soltys (8:15-9:00pm)
Martin Cohe(playing throughout the event)

Exhibiting artists include:
Brett Kern, Nicole Aquillano, Joe Kraft, Didem Mert, Stuart Gair, Nick Devries, Kensuke Yamada, Momoko Usami, Samantha Hostert, Bianka Groves, Paul Eshelman, Kyle Johns, Eric Jensen, Klai Brown, Alex Watson, Katie Susko, Lindsay Rogers, Virginia Scotchie, Molly Bishop, Lauren Faust, Justin Rothshank, Zak Helenske, Matthew Jorgensen, Mie Kongo, Colby Charpentier, Leslie Bevan, Mary Drabik, En Iwamura, Tammy Marinuzzi

Check out more information and artist images on our Facebook page.

Represented Gallery Artists:
Nicole Aquillano, Mark Arnold, Andrew Avakian, Lauryn Axelrod, Posey Bacopoulos, Nolan Baumgartner, Molly Bishop, HP Bloomer, Jessica Brandl, Troy Bungart, Randy Carlson, Chris Chaney, Jeff Cline, Jim Connell, David Crane, Nicholas Danielson, Carrie Day, Nick DeVries, Josh Deweese, Mary Drabik, Brice Dyer, Paul Eshelman, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Fred Follansbee, Delores Fortuna, Brett Freund, Stuart Gair, Mike Gesiakowski, Brian Giniewski, Bianka Groves, Sangeet Gupta, Chris Gustin, Perry Haas, Mike Helke, Sam Hoffman, Samantha Hostert, Erica Iman, En Iwamura, Mike Jabbur, Tom Jaszczak, Eric Jensen,Doug, Jeppesen, Kyle Johns, Jake Johnson, Matthew Jorgenson, Matt Kelleher, Joe Kraft, Matthew Krousey, Justin Lambert, Helen Levi, Simon Levin, Tammy Marinuzzi, Laura Marmash, Lorna Meaden, Didem Mert, Ron Meyers, Nick Moen, Emily Murphy, Sean O’Connell, Nicole Paulina, Joe Pintz, Adam Posnak, Todd Pletcher, Lindsay Rogers, Shelley Rosenstein, Justin Rothshank, Mat Rude, Nick Schwartz, Brad Schweiger, Sam Scott, Kevin Snipes, Silver Run Ceramics, Zac Spates, Jay Strommen, Michelle Summers, Katie Susko, Kyla Toomey, Jason Trebs, Catherine Tweedie, Momoko Usami, Julia Walther, Melissa Weiss, Bill Wilkey, Lana Wilson, Tara Wilson, Tara Wilson, Michael Wisner, Julie Woodrow, Dustin Yager, Kensuke Yamada

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