Emotion of the Moment

Emotion of the Moment: A 30 Year Dialog
Chris Gustin & Nancy Train Smith

Opening Reception:
Friday, September 29, from 6-9pm (Main Gallery)

Closing Reception:
Friday, November 3, from 6-10pm (Main Gallery)

“Some time ago my son mentioned that he thought the dominant emotion of our time was Anxiety, and upon reflection I had to agree with him. As I’ve worked on the Bait Balls, and on Farewell, The Reef I have felt that some of my own anxiety was channeling into the swirling fish as they move and crowd toward some unknown destination. In some ways I see Chris’s work as the perfect antidote to such feelings as his work, especially the Cloud pieces, evoke feelings of comfort, sensuality, and an almost Buddha-like presence.  

It is often said that opposites attract, and Chris and I would certainly be a case in point. These two bodies of work are simply the most recent expression of a dialogue we have been having for 30 years regarding form in space and light. The play of the serenity of the Clouds against the agitation of the fish will, we hope, give viewers pause to consider how all emotion runs through us changing more quickly from moment to moment than we think. “

-Nancy Train Smith, Chris Gustin

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