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All work was created by a Lillstreet artist, teacher, teaching assistant or studio monitor.

 Artists marked with an * have committed to donate their proceeds to social justice organizations in Chicago.

Shipping and local pick-up is available.


Nolan Baumgartner

Aaron Becker

 A.C. Bell

 Alyse Benenson

Lesley Bevan 

Michael Bridges

Rachel Davis

Chelsea Dubick* 

 Abi Gonzales*

Lisa Hahn

Lisa Harris

Susanne Henry

 Gary Jackson

 Betsy Kumor

Laura Marmash

Susan Messer McBride

Jess Miller - Jamila Goods 

Laura Novy

Amy Odgers

Nicole Paulina

Shelley Rosenstein

Nancy Sickbert-Wheeler

Raychel Steinbach

Shannon Thompson

Cassie Tompkins

Catherine Tweedie 

Will Van Dyke

Levi Yastrow