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Support Lillstreet's artistic community and get a piece of Lillstreet of your own!

All work was created by a Lillstreet artist, teacher, TA or studio monitor.

 For the duration of our store closure, artists will receive 100% of all proceeds. 

Shipping and local pick-up is available.


Nolan Baumgartner

Aaron Becker

 A.C. Bell

 Alyse Benenson

Lesley Bevan 

Michael Bridges

Rachel Davis

Chelsea Dubick 

 Abi Gonzales

Lisa Hahn

Lisa Harris

Susanne Henry

 Gary Jackson

 Betsy Kumor

Laura Marmash

Susan Messer McBride

Jess Miller - Jamila Goods 

Laura Novy

Amy Odgers

Nicole Paulina

Shelley Rosenstein

Nancy Sickbert-Wheeler

Raychel Steinbach

Shannon Thompson

Cassie Tompkins

Catherine Tweedie 

Will Van Dyke

Levi Yastrow