ROOFTOP GALLERY Archive Masterlist

Rooftop Gallery

Past Installations


November 16 - December 31: Billow, Henry Voellmecke

October 5 - November 10: Flying Fish, Tony Passero

August 24 - September 29: Swell, Katie Coughlin

June 1 - July 7: Flags for the Forgotten, Samantha Holmes

April 13 - May 26: Butterfly Brigade, Katelyn Patton



November 17 - December 31: All That Glitters, Meghan Borah

September 29 - November 12: The New Departments, Morgan Hamilton

August 18 - September 24: Color Tableau, Cassie Tompkins

July 7 - August 13: Let Your Freak Flag Fly, The Protest Banner Lending Library

May 26 - July 7: Color Party, Ryan Scheidt

April 14 - May 21: Delta, Echo, Tango, Bravo, Work/Play



January 2017: FIGHT, YELL, HOLLA, ROAR, Claire Ashley

December: An Ahistorical American Project: Se Valiente, Be Brave, Matthew Nicholas

November: Flower Time, Emily Nachison

October: Air Play, Rachel Davis

September: Knot Number One, Marianne Fairbanks

August: CMY, Julie Weber

July: United Behind Bars: In the Carceral State We Stand, Kat Powers

June: Out on a Limb, Tabor Shiles



December: Another Night, Dain Mergenthaler

November: Fluid Mosaic Model, Lauren Cotton

October: Vulnerable Assets, Undine Brod

August: Adorn, Heather Brammeier

July: The Landscape of this City is Violent and It Makes Me Anxious, Krzysztof Lower

June: S/S 15, Nico Gardner

May: I Looked Up to the Screen Above, Simon Pyle