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Echoes | Color, Pattern and Design : May 26 – July 2

Curated by Nora Renick Rinehart

The Lillstreet Gallery is proud to present the work of Katy Kirbach, Ryan Scheidt and Victoria Findlay Wolfe.

Although the hard-walled boundaries between medias have been crumbling for decades, in the eyes of the public and the art world alike there remains a separation between craft and fine art. While the works in this show exist on a spectrum of materiality – from a traditionally assembled quilt, to pieced and stenciled canvas paintings, to gouache and acrylic on paper – the ways in which they overlap far outweigh their differences. Each piece features bright colors and highly geometric, abstract designs and the artists engaged in similar processes of experimentation, improvisation and chance. Conversation about and between these works encourages us to ask hard questions about perceived material hierarchies and persisting systems of value/devaluation.

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