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The Postmodern Quilt: May 26 – July 2

Curated by Nora Renick Rinehart

Sarah Nishiura, Nora Renick Rinehart, Jordana Robinson and Tricia Royal – four quilting instructors from Lillstreet’s Textiles Department – all create work that fits neatly inside the paradigm of Postmodern Art while simultaneously existing outside of (or in the wake of) the Modern Quilt Guild movement. Although they differ in their approach to materials, methodology and design, the artists are united by their commitment to making quilts. In a world where handmade quilts are no longer necessary household objects, this commitment must be read as an intentional valuation of the history and community that quilts inherently represent; their functionality is not a weakness but provides an added richness to the artistic readings of the work.

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